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Summer is here at Scruff we are well prepared for it!

Summer is the time of joy and happiness for your dog and scruff's products will make him enjoy it even more!

Make sure your pooch's eyes are well protected from the sun and the sand with our Doggles - goggles for dogs, enjoy long sunny walks with your dog thanks to our wide range of leads and harnesses and play with your best friend with our great interactive toys!

Scruff is also proud to announce the arrival of the newest range of red and blue mesh harnesses designed by ourselves. We are also glad to inform you that we are now selling the trail tracking boots made by Doggles. They are very comfy and they will stay on your dogs pawz all the time!

Scruff also offers a wide range of natural and eco friendly products, like the Happytails Bow Wow Butter Balm. Though playful in name, it's hard working by nature as it tackles those dry noses and cracked skin on those poor dehydrated paws.